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Medication Safety Take Home

Six Key Points Katy the Kangaroo Teaches Children:
  • Medicine can be dangerous if not taken correctly
  • Pharmacists are medicine experts
  • Medicine is NOT candy
  • Never take medicine meant for someone else
  • Only your parents or adults you know should give you medicine
  • Medicine should be taken only when you are sick or to keep you well

Goal of Activity:  Help your children identify medicines in your home and review Katy's six key points.

You may get the materials needed for this activity one of three ways:

  • Your child may have brought 'Medicine Safety' Labels home from school.
  • Purchase 'Medicine Safety' Labels at Katy's Store.

Instructions for the activity can be found here.

Example and explanations of medicines that can be labeled in your home can be found here.

Never take medicine meant for someone else.